Hand Picked Tahitian Black Pearl


Pre-order and save!! Order one Tahitian or two, if you want earrings!!!


Would you like your own, hand picked Tahitian Black Pearl? Well let me select one just for you!!

Tahitian Black Pearl Prices

Tahitian black pearls can have quite a large range in prices. Depending on the size and shape, they can cost between $50 each (this is the low end!) and around $300 each. If you visit my article on how to grade a pearl it will show you the confusing way to determine the value of a pearl. Unfortunately, pearls are not a simple cut and clarity type of gem. There are six quality factors we look at when grading a gem. How shiny is it? What does the surface of the pearl look like, is it clean or spotty or circled? How close to round is it? How big is it? What color is it? How good is the pearl-making material?

The Colors

Tahitian pearls are an especially challenging gem because of the huge range of colors. These are not simply black pearls. They can be silvery white, greenish gray, bluish black. They can be deep and rich like charcoal or iridescent and silvery. So, I want to give you the disclaimer that these pearls are very varied. And this, to me, is a very good thing!

Do you want to know why? They are organic. Lush. Alive. Divers pluck these pearls from the most beautiful water in the world. Men and women care deeply for the oysters that give birth to these pearls. They grow in clean, tropical waters and are harvested with love. These are not factory gems, there is no assembly line and they are not dyed or processed. Every single one of these pearls carry its own beauty and magic. Every one of them is natural and pure.

Hand Selected Pearls

Which is why I am so thrilled to be returning to this pearl farm to hand select pearls for The Pearl Girls Tahitian Black Pearl collection. It is a time to swim in these magical waters and harvest these beautiful gems.

As you know, I bring people along with me on these journeys. I have an amazing group of women joining me this year. And I know there are many more of you who wish you could come. If you would like me to select a pearl, or two, just for you, please let me know! I will be happy to find something special for you.

The Details

Upon my return, I will mail you your special pearl or we can discuss a setting to put it in… a ring or pendant. I did this with a few special clients last year when I went to Indonesia and we were all so thrilled with the pearls and what we created!

Let me know if you want something special this year, a hand picked Tahitian black pearl! Selected just for you from this magical pearl farm in French Polynesia!

$50 for one pearl. Order two if you want to make earrings with them! Pearls only. We can discuss adding a pendant or ear hooks when I return.

* I will be gone April 22-April 29 and will have limited access to email, phone calls or orders that come in during that time!*

Anything to add?

When you check out, if you want to include any details about what you want, just add notes to your order! Thanks!

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