About The World of Pearl

Hi! I am India Rows! And I love traveling! And I really, really love pearls!

I have been in the pearl business since 2006 and opened my own jewelry business, The Pearl Girls, in 2008.  We sell pearls and repair jewelry both online at ThePearlGirls.com and at our retail shop in Athens, GA.

I think what came first is my love for travel… I started traveling internationally at age 4. And as I grew I was able to combine this love of travel with my love for pearls, which started when I was 8! I have a Pearls Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America and I continue to study this amazing and awe-inspiring gem. The best part is, I get to travel  the world in search of gorgeous pearls.

And you can come, too!  In 2013 I launched Pearl Adventures, an opportunity for travelers to come do what I do! It is an opportunity to travel to amazing destinations all across the world and hand select pearls from exotic pearl farms. If you can’t make it on one of my trips, no problem! Follow my blog to hear of my latest adventures. Or shop some of my specialty pearls I procure from my travels!

Thanks for joining my adventure through The World of Pearl!

Now You Can Travel Too

Pearl Girl Adventure Trips

Our pearl travels are now your pearl travels!
In 2014 India launched The Pearl Girls Pearl Adventure trips allowing you to come with her and hand-select your own fine pearls from pearl farms worldwide!

Read more about these wonderful adventures here..

We hope you can one day join us on these once-in-a-lifetime trips! In the meantime, thanks for letting us hand-select Pearls for you and the wonderful women you love!

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