Carved Tahitian Pearl on Leather


Isn’t she lovely? Genuine Tahitian pearl carved with beautiful, intricate designs on leather

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Ya’ll might remember my show-stopping, stunning, one of a kind, nothing in the world like it Carved Tahitian Pearl Necklace. I have never laid eyes on anything more intricate and stunning than this beautiful piece! And I got a chance to offer it to one amazing woman in Ohio! Just another amazing Pearl Girl that I met through The Pearl Girls!

Well, on my April, 2019 trip back to French Polynesia (yes, it was amazing!!) I selected more amazing Carved Tahitian Pearls! And since there is only one pearl for each necklace, you get to save on the $6000 price tag that was on the full strand!

I Have Tahitians!!

India Wearing a Tahitian Pearl Strand - The World of Pearl - The Pearl Girls


Let’s face it, the natural colors of Tahitian pearl necklaces are stunning. Even just a gorgeous strand of Tahitians are enough to have us swooning. I love, love, love our Tahitian pearl strands. And I finally have one for myself! Woo hoo!!

Carved Pearls

But, I still have a soft spot for Carved Tahitian Pearls!  So, I picked up 5 of these beauties from the pearl farm! I know, I am thinking the same thing… why did I only pick out 5 Carved Tahitians??!!

Well, truthfully, I may have a few more… but you have to come see me at The Pearl Girls to see them! 😉 Here is a pair I am in LOVE with! They are big and the two of them are $320.

2 carved tahitian pearls - the pearl girls - the world of pearl

Meanwhile, let me show you a little up close look at Carved Tahitians from the large strand I sold. This will give you an idea of the color range.

carved Tahitian pearl necklace upclose- the world of pearl

Each pearl does not have the same design or look. In fact, when I was in French Polynesia I heard  people call them tattoo pearls. Which was an interesting name. The South Pacific tattoos are so varied and interesting, I can see how this same design patterns could have made their way onto pearls. So, each pearl can look slightly different.

From The Source

There is nothing more wonderful than selecting pearls straight from the source! I get to travel the world and select pearl for YOU! Woo hoo! And these come from one of the most beautiful places in the world! These are not only a work of art from the sea, they are also a work of art. Period!

I truly have a love affair with all pearls but there are some pearls that are just so truly special and remarkable that words cannot fully express their beauty. That is how I feel about these pearls. Maybe we all don’t have a chance to join one of our amazing Pearl Girls Adventure trips or forge our own adventure to exotic pearl farms, but we should all have access to the lovely pearls curated from these exotic places.

A Work of Art

Sure I am biased, but when you see these pearls, plucked from the South Pacific Ocean where they were then artfully carved, tended with care, brought back to Georgia for our customers… suddenly, everything shifts ever so slightly.

Well, take these beautiful works of art by nature and add the beautiful work art by humans and here you have it… carved Tahitian pearls!

Amazing deep black, silver, gray in color. The pearls are around 10-11mm and on an adjustable cord.  They are layered with so much depth and beauty we guarantee they will take your breath away!

Carved Tahitian Pearls…Let us know if you want to see them IN PERSON!!!