Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace


Genuine Tahitian pearls hand selected by special order! Pre-order and save!

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Black Pearls, anyone?

Oh, the beauty of this Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace. Plucked from the gorgeous and clean waters of French Polynesia, this necklace is simply stunning … and rare! I do not know anyone else flying across the world to select pearls just for YOU! Because you love curated beauty and gems. And, you are worth it! (Trust me, you are worth it!!!)

From the Source

There is nothing more wonderful than selecting pearls straight from the source. I think of the billions of pearls cultured each year and the mass imports and the mass jewelry production. It is like a machine of pearls. And there are truly many beautiful pearls on the market today!

There are also many gorgeous tomatoes in the grocery store, too. But I will stop at a vegetable stand and spend money on the homegrown ones, any day of the week! Tomato sandwiches… yum yum!! Maybe we do not all have access to those lovely home-grown tomatoes. But, we should.

A Treasure

That is how I feel about pearls. Maybe we all don’t have a chance to join one of our amazing Pearl Girls Adventure trips or forge our own adventure to exotic pearl farms, but we should all have access to the lovely pearls curated from these exotic places. Sure I am biased, but when you see these pearls, plucked from the South Pacific Ocean where they were tended with care and knotted to perfection by our pearl knotters… you will know you are a special treasure. And yes, I do think you are worthy of such a treasure.

Well, this Tahitian Pearl Necklace is not for everyone, it cannot be! I work with a small, boutique pearl farm in French Polynesia and their harvest is not large enough for many strands of pearls. But, if this necklace is for you, I encourage you to make the investment. I will not bring many back from my April  adventure to the South Pacific Ocean! Do you want a taste of gorgeous black pearls that I personally select for you from a remote French Polynesian pearl farm? Then dive in into the luxury of the amazing hues and slight baroque beauty of this Tahitan Black Pearl Necklace.

I will bring these pearls home to Georgia, add a clasp and The Pearl Girls staff will hand knot it for you. Made with love in Athens, GA.

*Special Order*

UPDATE: India is offering a discount on this Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace if you order before she leaves on her trip April 22nd!

Then, our pearl from the pearl farm are on their way! Woo hoo!! Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery! Fresh from the South Pacific… classic Tahitian black pearls! Featuring 8-9mm sized pearls

* Our standard length is 17″. If you prefer a longer strand, let us know! There will be a slight price adjustment!


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