Tahitian Black Pearl Stud Earrings


Tahitian black pearl stud earrings… say hello to the sand, the surf and a little exotic getaway. Pre-order and save!!


Picture It

The vision of Tahitian black pearl stud earrings in your ears… there might not be anything like it. Why? There is nothing like the beauty of French Polynesia to make you rethink everything you believe about pearls. Sure, they are classic beauties. Sure, they are heirloom pieces that have been in your family for years and, of course, you have fond memories of your grandmother wearing her pearls. All of these memories make pearls so special…

Yet, once you breathe in the moist air of French Polynesia and watch the sleek, muscular bodies of pearl divers diving for nets and harvesting these beauties, well, pearls take on a new meaning. At least, my last trip to French Polynesia did this for me.

The Meaning of Pearls

Suddenly these beauties represent the slow pace of island life, the exhilaration of eating delicious seafood caught from the pure ocean waters. You realize that these orbs hold a little sand, a little sun and a lot of love and care within their layers. Suddenly your pearls become not something of legends but a mark of a promising future. They represent a life lived, of easy times, an escape from our hectic lives. Yes, you can escape, very simply, with these gorgeous Tahitian black pearl earrings. Bring the islands, the sun, the surf and the simple life to every occasion with these Tahitian Black Pearl Earrings. Hand selected for you and only a few available.

As with all Tahitian pearls, these stud earrings are rich with color. They are a Large size, around 8-9mm in diameter. Beautiful! We have these set in sterling silver.

Love them for life! We are so excited for these to arrive!! Prefer to harvest your own? Join me on my next trip!

And if you cannot join me, preorder before my next trip and save!

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