Tahitian Black Pearls

Shop for Tahitian Black Pearl Jewelry from The World of Pearl. All of these Tahitian black pearls are hand selected from my International Pearl Travels!

These black pearls are a luscious representation of gorgeous waters, blazing sunshine and a sky that is rival only to the sea. India fell in love with these Tahitian pearls on her first trip to French Polynesia in 2014. Did you know that women and men in French Polynesia wear these gorgeous, rich pearls?

Although we love the traditional white pearls, we occasionally like stepping out, too! These are a break from the lovely white pearls. They are rich in depth, color and beauty and are perfect when you are ready to break from tradition as well!

Although we call them Tahitian black pearls, they are rarely simply black. Their colors offer a much wider range from silvery gray to bluish green. Sometimes Tahitian black pearls will even have a mauve or pink tone. These are all natural colors, born from the amazing colors of the Tahitian Black Lipped Oyster.

Pearls are made from the same shell making material, the nacre or mother of pearl, from its mother oyster. Since black lipped oyster shells have a range of colors, the pearls have a range of colors, too!

Pearl trivia: Can Tahitian pearls also be white? Yes! However, we typically choose the darker Tahitian pearls!

Enjoy the range of colors in these black pearls. The World of Pearl offer Tahitian Black Pearl Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings. And all lovingly come from Tahitian Black Pearl Farms. Enjoy!

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