Who was on the cover of the first People Magazine?

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March 4, 1974 was an iconic day. This was the day of the very first issue of People magazine. And who was on the cover of the first People magazine? Mia Farrow. She was promoting The Great Gatsby, a movie that was due to come out March 29, 1974.


Yeah, you remember that one… screenplay written by Coppola, book by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Robert Redford looking so dapper! People launched exactly 40 years ago and that first cover, in 1974, featured Mia Farrow gazing off in the distance, pearls in her mouth.


Which is so cool because in honor of this magazine, forty years later, Taylor Swift recreated this image on this week’s People Magazine!



Well, at least this image must be some sort of version of this 40th anniversary because most of us will see the following image with Taylor Swift’s blue eyes gazing at us. Hey Taylor, are you doing the tooth test to see if those pearls are real? If not, call us!


What do you think of this week’s cover of People Magazine? How does it compare to the cover of the first People Magazine?

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