Pearl Necklace Selfie

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Pearl necklace selfie alert!! It is ten o’clock at night and I am finishing up some work on my computer before I fall into bed but I just got the most amazing text. I did not recognize the number so I was curious who might be sending me a picture of themselves so late at night from a Marilyn area code. Well, it is a Pearl Necklace Selfie from a woman who bought our Pearl Knotting Distance Ed Class!

A month or so ago I was chatting with this woman, Donna, and she told me she wanted to learn how to knot pearls. We host monthly pearl stringing classes at our headquarters in Athens, GA but for those women in other places, we created a Distance Ed Class. She ordered the class and decided she did not want to mess with the fake pearls that come with the class, she wanted real pearls! So, she ordered 20 inches of black pearls. She created THIS by using our video and instructions!

Pearl Necklace Selfie Alert

This is Donna’s fabulous black pearl necklace! she was showing off! She told me she loves wearing them and she is ready to buy more pearls! I told her I would be sure to tell everyone she met that she had knotted every single one of those pearls! Pearl stringing is possible and doable but it take a lot of practice, commitment and some artistic skill as well! Nice work Donna!

I have to brag that the amazing video that Abby created clearly is teaching women how to really create quality pearl necklaces!

Thanks again for the selfie, Donna!


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