The Loss of a Hollywood Legend

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Today I want to talk about the loss of a Hollywood legend. Lauren Bacall was known for her beauty and her distinct husky voice.

lauren-bacall-the-loss-of-a-hollywood legend


She started her career as a model and her first film break came opposite Humphrey Bogart in the 1944 film, To Have and Have Not. She and Bogart went on to star in two more films. Their on-screen chemistry was truly genuine. They married in 1945, and had two children. Bogart died in 1957. And, yes, he was 25 years older than she was…


Bacall starred in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) with Marilyn Monroe and in 1957 she was with Gregory Peck in Designing Women. She was in quite a few films but these seem to be the most notable.


I am sure you film buffs know more about her than I do since I believe I have only seen her in the film The Mirror Has Two Faces, a 1996 film in which Bacall played a mother to leading star Barbara Streisand.


Bacall certainly did a lot throughout her career as an actor. She also amassed quite a collection of art and jewelry. Although we lost this Hollywood legend in August, just shy of her 90th birthday, her fabulous collection lives on. The Bacall Collection will be auctioned off at Bonham’s New York in March, 2015.

A representative at Bonham’s states, “Bacall’s collection is a reflection of her extraordinary taste and remarkable life.”


I cannot wait to see what jewelry is included in the Bacall Collection!


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