What Size Pearl Earrings Should I Buy?

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The Pearl Girls sells a variety of pearl earring sizes. Click here to shop our Classic Pearl Studs… How do you know which size is best for you? Good question! Pearls are measure by their diameter and this is written in millimeters. We understand that it is hard to imagine what those millimeters look like on your ears. Right? So, use this handy guide to illustrate our earring sizes:

5mm pearl earring size 7-8mm pearl earring size 10mm pearl earring size

12mm earring size

Since millimeters can be confusing, we have created a Small through large classification for your pearls which is as follows:









Do you see some pearl studs you like? Shop now!

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4 Replies to “What Size Pearl Earrings Should I Buy?”

    1. We don’t sell anything like that. We have pearl studs and other classic pearl jewelry. I’m not sure what you’re referring to when you ask about men’s loop earrings. Good luck to you in your search and thank you for visiting out site!!

    1. Hi Edna! 12mm pearls are our largest and we now offer a 12mm strand too! These are freshwater pearls, not south sea. And we can add 14K gold to any of our pieces! That is the beauty of making all of our jewelry on-site here in Athens, GA!

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