Watch Your Little Pearl Girls (Our Disclaimer)

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We See You Sweet Soleil

We are confident that you Pearl Girls operate with a lot of common sense. But, due to legal mishmash, we have to say some things. We carry pearls for babies and little girls. We think that this is one of the sweetest things that we do. Now, some parents and grandparents think their little ones are too rough for pearls. We understand this too!

We just want to remind you that if you do invest in our pearls for the little girl or baby in your life, please take great care to watch them carefully! We know that young ones love to put things in their mouths and we would never want them to have an accident with their pearls. This includes putting them in their mouths, twisting them on their neck or arms or any other careless thing that might happen with kids. As mammas, sometimes we never dream of all the ways our kids can “get into stuff.” So, please, watch your loved one every time they are handling or wearing their precious jewelry by The Pearl Girls. And be sure and put it away their jewelry in a safe place when they are not wearing it. It will keep both the pearls and your loved ones safe.


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