Why is The Pearl Girls pricing so funny?

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Photo of Numbers for pearlsOnes, two, threes…sometimes you see jewelry end in a not very round number. We know, in fact, we have been told to round up our prices to a nice round 5 or 9 number. But, we just can’t do that. Do you want to know why? We charge market value for our pearls and sometimes that value does not end with a 5 or a 9! So, we charge based on the value of our pearls through our sources and the fine care we take in knotting your jewelry. Nothing more.

Otherwise know our cultured pearl sources are hand-selected and scrutinized. We don’t mass-import. It would be irresponsible and a not very nice way to treat you. And, as always, we want to offer you the best. The best service, the best information and the best quality for the price.

So, here are the specifics:

2-3mm cultured pearls: $7.80 per inch knotted/finished

Sterling Silver Spring Ring Clasp: $10.00

5mm cultured pearls: $8.75 per inch knotted

Sterling Silver Filigree Clasp: $16.00

7-8mm cultured pearls: $11.80 per inch knotted

Sterling Silver Filigree Clasp: 16.00

10mm cultured pearls: $35 per inch knotted

Silver and fine crystal clasp: $50.00

*Our knotting service is $3.00 per inch

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