What Happening at a Black Pearl Farm today?

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We have an update from our black pearl farm! Yes, as we live our day-to-day lives with work, school drop-offs and more remember that some people are living in paradise. It is winter in French Polynesia. Brrr… Lows average 75 degrees this time of year and can go as low as 68! Time to wrap up in a blanket as you gaze at that crystal clear ocean water and eat freshly caught seafood!

As many of you know, the black pearl farm that we work with is harvesting pearls this month in anticipation of our holiday Tahitian Black Pearl Necklaces! Woo hoo! Many of our customers appreciate our curated pearls from these international pearl farms and we want to provide them the best of the best, especially for those treasured holiday gifts!

harvesting black pearls

So, imagine my thrill when I received this update from my dear friend in French Polynesia:

India and the Tahitian black pearl farmer

“We have been harvesting for a week now and I am already selecting pearls…The harvest is quite nice in color and you should be pleased…It will take an other 2 weeks to have a nice choice……the biggest number of pearls the nicest the strands.”

We have a limited number of black pearl necklaces available! Why? Well, it takes a lot of pearls to simply make one strand! See our post here.

Also, if you want to know why this chilly winter is the best time to harvest these Tahitian Black pearls, read more here…

Finally, if you want to secure a gorgeous pearl necklace from this month’s harvest, you will be so glad you did! Read more about our fabulous Tahitian Black pearl necklaces here.

The Pearl Girls Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace

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