The Largest Natural Pearl Discovery in the U.S.

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The largest natural pearl discovery happened in the U.S. in 1976 at Fort Gibson Lake in Wagner, OK. Workers from the American Shell Company found this three ridge mussel with 2100 natural pearls inside. Still intact to this day are all 2100 pearls, the shell and the mussel meat. This was truly an amazing discovery and worthy of the Guinness World Book of Records for the largest natural pearl discovery.

2100 Natural Pearls

Largest Natural Pearl Harvest and shell

Another winner this year in the Guinness World Book of Records pearls category was this dress by Japanese bridal wear designer, Yumi Katsura. And this was an “official” win!  It is the largest number of pearls to decorate a single dress. The total count? 13,262 pearls! This dress was embroidered by hand and the pearls were sewn into a floral lace pattern. This dress was in the designers bridal wear show year and won the Guinness World Book of Records honor a few months ago.


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