Metaphysical Properties of Pearls

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We love how they look, how they feel and the luxurious pearl jewelry designs but is there more? What are the metaphysical properties of pearls?

greek pot of pearls

Well, first things first, what is a metaphysical property? Metaphysics is a branch of science or philosophy that attempts to explain the unexplainable. Where physics deals with objects on a physical level, metaphysics takes things further to the meaning beyond pure physics. Pioneered by Aristotle around 300 B.C., many philosophers have continued to study and analyze the metaphysics of our reality, the meaning of our existence and many other subjects including God, cause, matter and form and more.


more images of pearls in artWhat I am most interested in is the metaphysics of pearls. Maybe this is my own search for meaning beyond the physical properties of pearls. They are beautiful gems but does their meaning go beyond what we interpret in the physical form? One thing I love about pearls are their longevity. They are a gem to be enjoyed, celebrated and then passed on. So, isn’t it interesting that one of the metaphysical properties of pearls is that it holds energy. The theory is that a pearl will soak up your energy while you wear them and hold onto that energy. So, if you wear the pearls when you are angry, the anger will be held inside the pearl. It sounds far out until you consider the opposite. Can a pearl hold happiness, positivity, good memories or more? Can you wear pearls on your wedding day and they will hold onto those good memories? I graduated from high school in my pearls. Can they be carrying that sense of pride and accomplishment with them? When you age and pass on your pearls to a daughter or loved one, will you also be passing on the loving, passionate and exciting moments of your life? When I think of things in these terms, suddenly metaphysics starts to make sense. Pearls truly become little memory keepers.

ancient oyster makes pearlsPearls originate from an irritant in the soft body of a mollusk and the mollusk nourishes that irritation with layer upon layer of healing nacre, which then become the pearl. Pearls are therefore considered to be nurturing gems since their origin is a result of nurturing. When you give pearls to a young child can they have the power to nurture her on a level we are unaware of?

Pearls come from water environments which means the water contributes its metaphysical properties to this gem. Water is known as a purifier. Can pearls purify the wearer? Well, certainly ancient lore asserted that pearls are a sign of purity. And most people agree that they carry a sense of refinement which has the power to transform your old black dress into something new again. How many women tell me that they can wear their pearls with their old blue jeans and suddenly get a spark to their step that wasn’t there before. It offers me a feeling of refinement which is not matched by any other piece of jewelry. Women who wear pearls are considered to be elegant, refined, distinguished and classy. Is this a reflection of this metaphysical properties? Finally, think of the term, “clutch your pearls.” It is used to explain how a woman might be shocked or outraged and will clutch her pearls in defiance, shock or more. Could she clutch her pearls to protect their pure nature from impure words or deeds? Or does she clutch them to gather the sincerely and truth that they represent? Again, these are traits prescribed to pearls by their association with both water and the moon.

pearls and their mollusks

And even in the field of chakra and chakra health, pearls are meant to be a form a balance. They are supposed to balance the energy centers of the body so we can see things clearly and not get overrun by our emotions. People ask me why I am so involved with pearls and if this is true, maybe this is the answer. I am a highly emotional and energetic individual. Do I seek pearls as a balance in my life?

Well, enough introspection! This is just another way to look at pearls and explain their being beyond being. I hope you have enjoyed thinking through this with me! Anything to add? Feel free to comment below!


Also, would you like to learn more about healing and metaphysical properties of pearls? Check out these books: The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, 2003, ?Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, PhD, 2000?, Crystal Enchantments by D.J. Conway, 1999?, Smithsonian Handbooks Gemstones by Cally Hall, 1994?, Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic by Scott Cunningham, 2002?, Chakra Healing & Karmic Awareness by Keith Sherwood, 2005, ?The Illustrated Directory of Crystal Healing by Cassandra Eason, 2003?, and/or Healing Crystals and Gemstones by Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer, Gisela Schrieber, 2002

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6 Replies to “Metaphysical Properties of Pearls”

  1. I love pearls, I have been given two rings, I tend to wear gems for their metaphysical properties, I read that they’re easily ruined though so they remain in my jewllery box sadly.

  2. Hi Louise! That is so sad! I encourage you to wear your pearls! Pearls are soft gems and can get scratched easily but they are a lot more fun and more beautiful on rather than in your jewelry box. Just take good care of them! Thanks for reaching out!


  3. India, i love your musings on pearls. I to am a lover of pearls, it seems that I can never get enough of them. Right now I am wearing a beautiful string of Hawaiian pearls that my husband brought me back from a business trip that he took to Hawaii about 20 years ago or so. They are my consolation prize for not being able to go on the trip with him. My birthday was on Monday, and I felt a strong desire to wear my pearls and have not taken them off.

    1. Happy belated birthday!! Thanks so much for reaching out! I think that is a worthy consolation prize. Maybe next time you could get both, the pearls and the trip 😉

  4. do black pearls have special power? I saw a movie once of a sailor woman shipwrecked in a lifeboat, they were all dying, she returned her black pearl earing to the sea, they were rescued soon after. Should you wear black pearls if you go on a ship, just in case? Is there any sea lore that supports this?

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