Cromwells Natural Pearls

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Wondering how much Frances Cromwell’s natural pearls fetched at auction this week? If you do not know about these pearls, captured in a painting by John Michael Wright’s painting, see our post on Frances Cromwell’s Pearls for Sale.

This natural saltwater pearl necklace remained in the Cromwell family for years. The necklace features a graduated row of 4.9-9.3mm natural pearls alternating with seed pearls although it looks much different and significantly larger in the painting of Frances Cromwell.


These pearls were estimated to go between $10,000 and $13,000 which, truthfully, was a low estimate. They were sold at Wednesday’s auction for $40, 216.

Natural pearls are being sold for high prices these days and I do not estimate that the trend will end. The natural pearls sold at Bonham’s Autumn Sale were:

A graduated row of 3.2-8.0mm natural saltwater pearls for $11,000.

A three row graduated pearl necklace of 4.6-9.6mm pearls, 181 pearls are natural saltwater, one pearl is natural freshwater and three pearls are cultured. Sold for $42,227.

A four row graduated pearl necklace of 3.3-11.0mm natural saltwater pearls pearls and one cultured pearl. Sold for $94,670.

bonham-four-row-natural pearl

Two single row natural saltwater pearl necklaces, each designed as a graduated row of 4.5-8.8mm pearls alternating with pairs of seed pearls. Sold for $20,108.

An 11.2mm natural pearl ring set in platinum. Sold for $34,184.

And the grand finale was a pair of art deco natural pearl and diamond pendent earrings from around 1925. These earrings featured a central natural pearl drop capped by diamonds, set in a chandelier pendant with diamonds. These earrings sold for $252,963.

deco-diamond-natural pearl-earrings

Also, there were two cultured pearl necklaces that went for around $12,000 each!

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