Large Pearls, Large Pearl Sac

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Large pearls are being cultured in the freshwater cultured pearl farms in China and it is with good reason. Large pearls are dominating the market. People want bold, bigger pearls. There was a time for the petite strand (okay, truthfully, there is always a time for a nice simple strand) but the trends are changing to bigger pearls. So China pearl farmers are rushing to accommodate!

angel wing pearls up close

So, what are the Chinese pearl farmers up to? Well, they are re-nucleating their mussels. It is good news for people concerned about harming the mussels. Instead of killing the mussel when they harvest the pearls, they are instead re-nucleating the mussels in the already established pearl sac. That means that the pearl sac is well established and able to grow a larger pearl.

It kind of reminds me of having my second child. Somehow I just got that pregnant belly faster than I did with my first! In this case the first pearl is making room for the second pearl to grow bigger. The resulting pearls are not only large but thick and lustrous. Gorgeous!

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