Star Shaped Pearls?

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Star Shaped Pearl Bracelet

How do you get star shaped pearls? These star shaped pearls started with a bead shaped in the design of a star. They were cut from another medium, most likely a mussel shell.

Many jewelry designer stop there. They will take star shaped shells, dye them a variety of colors and use them in their jewelry designs. The Pearl Girls star shaped pearls are more than just cut shells.

After the star shaped design is made, the star shell is then embedded in a mussel and the cultured pearl forms. The beauty is in the imperfection. Some of the pearl stars are perfect. However, sometimes the pearl nacre forms around the star shape, sometimes filling in some of the gaps in the star. They transform into a uniquely beautiful pearl design.

I became fascinated with these star pearls while traveing through China a few years ago. Pearl farmers were really pushing the envelope on what was considered acceptable, marketable pearl designs. These days there seems to be a push back towards more traditional looking pearls and larger pearls so farmers are working more with the round pearl designs.

I love the star pearls and I am excited to showcase three different looks with these star shapes pearls. We offer the Star Power Pearl Necklace, Star Power Pearl Bracelet and the Star Power Pearl Earrings.

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2 Replies to “Star Shaped Pearls?”

  1. Hi! I am Joyce, and goldsmith… I am already looping such a long time for the star shaped pearls, but I can’t find them. Can you tel me where I can buy/ order them?

    Thank you!

    Kindly regards,



    1. Hi Joyce! Email Patti Ann ( and she will get you our wholesale prices. We get our pearls from our worldwide travels. These specifically come from outside of Shanghai, China.

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