What Length Pearl Necklace Should I Buy?

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It is a question I hear all the time, what length pearl necklace should I buy? And when men call to buy necklaces for their loved ones, they really don’t have a clue! And the funny thing is, body size does not matter! Some petite women have large necks and some larger women have small necks.

So, after much brainstorming I have come up with the Pearl Necklace Sizing Chart based on crew neck sizes. Because, at one time or another, we have all thrown on a crew neck t-shirt! So, here I have devised a way to determine your necklace length based on your crew neck t-shirt size. This will take into consideration your comfort level with that crew neck collar. For example, even if you wear an XS/S, if the neck size bothers you, you may want to get a longer necklace. The TYPICAL length for crew neck t-shirts are as follows:

Extra Small/Small crew neck t-shirts have a neck size of 14 inches. If you wear an XS or S crew neck, we suggest you choose a necklace around 16 inches.

Medium crew neck shirts have a 15 inches neck. So, if you are comfortable in a Medium crew neck, choose a necklace 16 inches – 18 inches necklace.

Large crew neck shirts have a 16 inch collar. If you are comfortable in a large crew neck, we recommend a necklace 18 inches – 20 inches

Extra Large crew necks typically have a 17 inch inch collar meaning women comfortable in XL crew necks should choose a necklace 18 inches – 20 inches

And finally, Double XL (XXL) crew necks are 18 inches long. With these we suggest a 20 inch – 22 inch necklace

So, what size t-shirt do you wear and, more importantly, how do you like the feel of the collar? I personally wear a medium and the crew neck collar drives me crazy! I am always trying to stretch it out. So, I know that the 15 inch collar is way too small for me. I also know that I CAN wear a 16 inch necklace, but I don’t like it! I prefer the next size up, an 18 inch necklace.

Now, some women that wear a medium may think the crew neck fits them fine. So, all you have to decide is if you want a necklace that sits a bit higher on your necklace (just below where a crew neck t-shirt would fall on your neckline) or go longer with an 18 inch necklace.

Keep in mind, we offer our necklaces in even sizes. Prefer an odd size, great news, you are welcome to custom order any length!

Read more about necklace lengths here.

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  1. Hi I am based in South Africa and would like to know where about are you situated please. I am interested in your product and are looking for a pricelist.

    Many thanks

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