Alice tells us about her pearls from The Pearl Girls!

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About six months ago I met the wonderful Alice S. from Beech Island, South Carolina. Alice is one of those amazingly wonderful southern women: full of life and an absolute dear to everyone she encounters. I had been asked to speak to her garden club about saltwater pearls versus freshwater pearls and the talk was a hit. Although I had only prepared a 20 minute talk, with questions, the presentation lasted over an hour and a half!

Alice was one of the women with tons of questions. She also immediately bought a pearl necklace. She called me a few weeks later to say, “I love my necklace so much. I wear these pearls a lot. I mean I certainly don’t work in the yard with them or anything but they are so classy. Anybody that knows pearls knows that. I mean, these didn’t come from Stein Mart or anything!” Now, we would certainly never knock Stein Mart but we understand Alice’s sentiment and appreciate her kind words.

As more of a compliment to us, Alice called up the other day to announce her two daughters upcoming birthdays. Her oldest turns 47 and her youngest 43. She mentioned The Pearl Girls to both of them and Alice said they replied, “Ooooh Mom, yes!” So, these women will be getting the gift of pearls by The Pearl Girls in the coming weeks.

We love dear friends like Alice who we connect with and who truly understand and share our passion for pearls. Thanks, Alice! We hope you girls love their pearls!


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