Bali Pearls 2018

Bali and Flores Islands, Indonesia

June 15, 2018 - June 22, 2018

In 2018 we traveled to a Pearl Farm in Indonesia. We called this our Bali Pearls Trip!

So Much to See

It was so FUN! My friend Maryse was so excited we had chosen to visit the farm she works with! We couldn’t resist! I had always wanted to check out Bali and the pearl farm was only a few islands away on Flores! Do you know what else was close by? The Komodo Dragon National Park!

So, it was pretty much a nonstop adventure!

pearl adventures - pearl farm - indonesia

We traveled June 15-June 22nd, flying from Detroit to Korea and onward to Bali. It was the flight with the best times and least layovers.


When we got to Bali we spent a few nights in the Seminyak area. There we enjoyed gorgeous accommodations, fabulous beaches and delicious restaurants! It helped ease us into the area (and helped us recover from our flights). Bali is such a special island!

The pearl farm hatchery is on the north shore of Bali. Although we spent a day exploring temples and sites on the island, we decided to skip the trip to the hatchery and just visit the farm.

Onward to Flores

After a couple of days of adjusting, we jumped a flight to Flores Island to our amazing beachside accommodations. I then hired a boat to take us the two hour journey to the site of the pearl farm on Labuan Bajo.

I think I laughed more than I ever have in my life. It was a blast! And, oh, the pearls!!

India and the South Sea Pearl - Indonesia

The Pearls!

In Indonesia they culture the South Sea Pearl in the classic silvery white color. These pearls and large and beautiful. And the silvery tone and size is what really distinguishes them from the typical white counterparts, especially freshwater pearls. These pearls are the same ones cultured in Australia.

We had a ball trying on these pearls, known as the Queen of All Gems!

And then we played dress up with our purchases!



We will travel June 15-June 22nd, flying from Detroit to Korea and onward to Bali. I have found a flight with the best times and least layovers.
When we get to Bali we will spend a few nights in the Seminyak area before flying on to Flores Island. From there the pearl farm is a two hour boat ride away. So is the Komodo Dragon National Park! This is an optional add on to an already amazing trip!



Roundtrip flight to and from Bali, Indonesia. Hotel accommodations.

All drinks, additional excursions and if you want to invest in some Bali pearls! If you decide to sign up late, we will have to double check the price based on any increase in airline prices.

Based on the current economy flight schedules, the trip will be $5500 each. Please note the following deposits. *an upgrade to international business class flights is $4000.
by March 1 ; $2500
by April 1: $1000
May 1: $1000
June 1: $1000

Fill out form below and you will receive additional information on the trip, including a secure link where you can pay all the deposits for the trip.