Tahitian Pearl Farm Tour – French Polynesia 2019

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French Polynesia

April 20, 2019 - April 29, 2019


Tahitian Pearl Farm Tour Update:  March 2019

The 2019 trip has closed! If you want to try to squeeze in before our April departure, let me know! We will do our best to get you booked!

Please know our next trip to the Tahitian Pearl Farm will be in 2019. We are still receiving the top picks of pearls from the harvest in 2018 so we still have some Tahitian pearls available by special order! Or, if you want to select your own Tahitian pearls, direct from the pearl farm, join us April, 2019.

Tahiti 2014

Our inaugural trip ran in 2014 and we absolutely had a ball! Our feedback included: “We have done so much, seen so much and had so many good laughs.” “What a great trip!” and “Can you believe what we have done? And we have the pearls to show for it!” We got such positive feedback and such increased interest that we decided to take another trip, 5 years later!

(* To shop for Tahitian pearls direct from this amazing Tahitian Black pearl farm, click here..)

Do What I Do

I created this trip for the men and women who want to “come do what I do.” Which is, travel the world to exotic places in search of gorgeous pearls and enjoy amazing adventures along the way.

This Tahitian Pearl Tour starts with a journey to Ahe, a remote French Polynesian atoll. We have arranged with a boutique Tahitian Pearl Farm for a behind the scenes tour of their farm and a look at their special pearl collections. But that’s not all! We will bask in the gorgeous sand and water of French Polynesia, eat wonderful food, get a taste of Polynesian life and have an opportunity to fish, scuba dive, hike through local forests or do anything else we want to escape and enjoy ourselves! The food is so fresh and marvelous and you will wake up in your beach-side hut with a full view of the sand and surf. Because, truly, who closes their door when sleeping in paradise?

French Polynesia

In the South Pacific there is a collection of islands and atolls which span about 1200 miles. These islands are collectively known as French Polynesia. The most popular of these islands is Tahiti. Black pearls from this area are called Tahitian Black pearls but this is actually a misnomer. There are no active pearl farms on the island of Tahiti. So, even though I am calling this trip our Tahitian Pearl Farm Tour, we will be seeing Tahitian Pearls but not on the island of Tahiti.


french polynesia - The atoll of ahe

An atoll is sort of like an island except it is a ring of land with ocean water, called a lagoon, inside. An atoll is created by a volcano that formed and then sank below the surface of the water, leaving just the land surrounding it. This volcano may still be active on the ocean floor. And this activity infuses the lagoon with rich minerals. These minerals foster the growth of oysters and their pearls within.

The Farm

The pearl farm on this Tahitian Pearl Farm Tour is on the atoll of Ahe, within the lagoon. The oysters lead a vibrant life in these waters and they produce gorgeous black pearls. The farm is a small, boutique farm. The staff is amazingly friendly and helpful and is excited to show us what life on the farm is all about. They will explain to us the pearl making process and they also love showing us the pearls from their harvest. And, of course, we buy all of our pearls at wholesale prices!

Our Stay

We stay in a family run resort on the atoll. It is a beautiful resort with huts along the calm waters of the lagoon. We can paddle in kayaks or hire the bot to take us snorkeling or deep sea fishing. The meals are delicious with fresh fish, vegetables and fruits.

Island Life

On our first Tahitian Pearl Farm Tour we spent a few nights on the island of Tahiti before our trip home. But, the feedback was unanimous: “Next time, spend more time on Ahe!” This trip we are only passing through Tahiti and spending the majority of our time in the magical land of Ahe!

The Pearl Girls Pearl Adventure French Polynesia 4



The cost of the trip will include flights from LAX to Tahiti and from Tahiti to Ahe, the island atoll, all of your meals on Ahe, transportation to and tour of the pearl farm, kayaking, hiking and more.

You will be responsible for any flights to and from L.A., all drinks, additional excursions (snorkeling, diving deep-sea fishing) and if you want to invest in some Tahitian black pearls! If you decide to sign up late, we will have to double check the price based on any increase in airline prices.

This trip does require a $1000 non refundable deposit to secure your spot. The remaining $4,200 can be paid through 3 installments of 1,400.
November 1: Non-refundable $1000 deposit
January 1: $1400 deposit
Febuary 1: $1400 deposit
March 1: $1400 deposit

Fill out form below and you will recieve additional information on the trip, including a secure link where you can pay all the deposits for the trip.

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