Pearls are Underrated

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Yes! I love yesterday’s quote from Tiffany’s Executive Vice President, Jon King: “As jewellers we share the frustration that pearls are underrated. Pearls are beautiful and unique and have a rare quality.”

In an interview with National Post’s Nathalie Atkinson, King pointed out how, “the tradition of pearls as a rite of passage has fallen out of practice lately.” He believes, “there is a generation who hasn’t been exposed to the material.”

This was, of course, on the day of the lavish Great Gatsby party which Tiffany’s hosted. So, naturally, there was alot of talk of 1920s jewels.

Writer Atkinson says, “The flapper era had a spirit of reckless euphoria… Jewellery trends not only matched that sense of abandon, they contributed to it. Accessories contributed to the sense of a flapper in perpetual motion and were worn with long, casually looped ropes of pearls.” You can read Atkinson’s entire article here.

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