Great Gatsby Pearls

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daisy-buchanan-gatsby-pearlsBuying love with a pearl necklace? Well, it is worth a try! On Tom and Daisy’s wedding night, Tom presented Daisy with a pearl necklace. Maybe he was buying her love or maybe just merely trying to impress her? Either way, pearls are ever present in this novel. And once again, these gorgeous pearls will be brought to light this weekend with the new film.

In the 1974 version of The Great Gatsby, Daisy’s signature look is her long strand of cultured pearls.mia-farrow-plays-daisy

And judging by the stills from this 2013 Great Gatsby reboot, the new movie is sure to impress with its gorgeous pearls! Here is actress Carey Mulligan looking fabulous in her pearl bracelets and pearl hair accessories!

carey mulligan as daisy

Looking forward to seeing these pearls soon!!


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