The Pearl Girls Made In the USA

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The Pearl Girls made in the USA starts today! It is with great pride that we announce that starting today, all new pieces made by The Pearl Girls will be made in the USA.


We have labored over this for a long time and we are so thrilled to finally be making this happen! We will now be providing more jobs in the U.S.A. and we will specifically be focused on offering well-paying flexible employment for the many creatively wonderful mothers in Athens, GA.

No, it does not make any sense financially. Our labor costs will go up tremendously! But this is what I really want to see out of our business. I want a business that supports our local community, that supports women, that gives women skills they can parlay into other jobs. I have a vision of women working and on-site childcare and beautiful jewelry and a happy, fulfilled staff. This dream starts today.


We will continue to travel the world sourcing our uniquely beautiful pearls personally. However, instead of hiring women overseas to create our pieces, we will bring back all of these fabulous pearls and create our designs right here in the USA! Here’s to the start of something wonderful!

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