Spotlight on… Sharon Kuehne!

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This week we are doing a spotlight on a wonderful Pearl Girl… Sharon Kuehne!!

Here’s a little bit about Sharon from Maryland and why she is a pearl girl!

“I am the mother of two wonderful children, a son and daughter, now grown and following their own lives.  With my son’s approaching wedding (May 26, 2012), I fussed for months with finding the right dress, shoes, and of course, accessories.  Everything was coming together with the exception of the jewelry until I saw an article on The Pearl Girls in Southern Living.  I felt that pearls would really help make the dress and after perusing your Website, ordered the Samantha Necklace.  Right away I knew that this was what the dress needed to “pop.”  I can’t tell you how many compliments I received that day.  I threw The Pearl Girls name out so many times in response to the compliments and hope that in some way I have generated some business.  I have always loved jewelry with uniqueness to it and this necklace did not fail me.

As an added bonus, I have learned that my daughter will be making me a grandmother for the first time in September and it is going to be a girl!!  I will certainly be getting her a piece from your wonderful collection!!!!”

We are so glad you found us in Southern Living, and we are so happy that you wore the Samantha Necklace to your son’s wedding! Congratulations on your granddaughter! We can’t wait until she is wearing our pearls too!

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