The Pearl Girls Stories: Linda Wiley!

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Linda Wiley started the J.L. Wiley Foundation for Stroke Awareness, which The Pearl Girls worked with in November 2011. This is what Linda says about her love for pearls and her foundation:
“My husband enjoyed shopping for jewelry for me.  I always considered myself very lucky that he enjoyed this activity and even luckier that he had great taste.  He really loved pearls since I have four different sets of pearls.  A pearl necklace was the first big purchase he made after we had been married a few years.
My Joe had a massive stroke in August, 2009 that left him in a “locked in” condition, unable to move or speak but being able to see and hear what was going on around him.  He struggled for 16 months before the stroke took its toll on December, 2010.  I started a Foundation for him to help others and their families going through what we did have an easier journey.  That is when I saw The Pearl Girls in Southern Living.  I contacted India and she set up a benefit for the month of November, which was Joe’s birth month. It was perfect since Joe had such a love of pearls.
Every time I wear my pearls, which I bought several items from you to add to my collection, I think fondly of the times we had together.  Cherish every second of every day with your loved ones for you never know what tomorrow holds.”
Thank you so much for sharing, Linda. Your foundation is truly wonderful!

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