Spotlight On… Joanne Waldrop!

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Joanne Waldrop shared her last few years with us and explained why it is so important to her that she is a Pearl Girl. Whatever a person or family may go through, you can always get through it! What a wonderful message! Thank you so much for sharing Joanne! Below is her story.

Does STRESS help a person?

The stress in our family’s lives for the past 2 years has been almost unbearable.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.  Although having regular checkups and mammograms have always been a part of my life, I found this myself about 6 weeks after my mammogram.  At the same time that I was going through chemotherapy, my oldest brother found out that he had prostate cancer, my Aunt in Walterboro, SC, got really sick shortly after and passed away, my husband’s Aunt in Los Angeles, California passed away and in between chemo, we flew out to Los Angeles for her funeral.  Also during this time, we had other family and friends who passed away (very depressing!) and it seemed like all we did was attend funerals.

After having 4 chemotherapy treatments (1 every three weeks), and 33 radiation treatments, my son got married and we flew to Key West, Florida for the wedding ceremony (just one week after my 33rd radiation treatment in March, 2011).  Yes, the chemo treatments did make me very, very sick each time I had one and the radiation treatments made me very tired, but God gave me the strength to get through all of this.

In April, 2011, my mother-in-law passed away and we spent the rest of the summer of 2011 cleaning out her house in Columbia, SC, and getting the house on the market to sell (still has not sold!)

A wedding reception had already been planned for our son and his wife and the date had already been set for the reception which was about a week after my mother-in-law’s death.  I, with my mother’s guidance (she’s 91 years old and almost completely blind), made the wedding cake for the reception, which was held at our church.  We are enjoying our new daughter-in-law, Rica Waldrop, and she is also a Pearl Girl.

In February, 2012, my oldest brother had a massive heart attack and passed away suddenly, a shock to my whole family.  The last three months have been stress, stress, stress, and to this day, I am still sorting through my mother-in-laws things.   Being on this roller coaster ride and as depressing as the past two years have been, I am sharing my story to tell everyone that no matter what we are faced with, God will see us through and give us the strength to get through any situation.

When Linda Behm came to my Craft and BeautiControl Show a few years ago and insisted that I needed to join the Pearl Girls, saying it would coincide with the other items in my Shop, I was hesitant at first and then I decided that I would like being a part of the Pearl Girls.  I enjoy knowing that I am a founding member of the Pearl Girls and that I got in on the “ground floor” of the company and watching it grow and knowing that I am a small part in that growth is very rewarding to me.  Getting together in the Spring and the Fall and having “girl” time is much needed relaxation time for me.  I enjoy being around people and I also enjoy all the compliments when wearing my pearls from the Pearl Girls collections.  I have always enjoyed unique items, and these collections that India Rows puts together for us is just that.  My friends and family have recognized that I am a craft person and I seem to always want the unusual and unique things in life and that’s what makes the pearls from Pearl Girls so special to me.

May God bless all of you!

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