Spotlight On…. Eva Mae Barton!

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Wanda Barton Jenkins shared this wonderful story about her mom, Eva Mae:

“My mother passed away six years ago. She never owned a strand of real pearls, only some I bought for her in an airport gift shop. As always, she was at my house keeping my young sons so I could travel for my work at the school. I always brought her something back from where ever I visited, but this time I forgot. At O’Hare, I ran into the “$10” gift store and picked out a set of pearls with matching earrings. When I gave them to Mama, you would have thought they we’re the most precious in all the world. For years, she would brag to others about the beautiful pearls I brought here from Chicago. She knew they weren’t real (even though they were pretty dang good imitations!), but she loved them just the same. When she died, she made sure we knew to bury her in her “pearls”. At the funeral, they asked me didn’t I want to keep my mother’s pearls. I told them no, that it was her wish to be buried in them, and so she was. No, my mama didn’t have any pearls to pass along to me for generations to come…but “the pearls of wisdom” she left me with are far more precious than any strand could ever be. The woman I am today-faithful to my God, my family, and my friends-is due to the carefully and lovingly knotted values given to me by my mama, Eva Mae Barton (1916-2006).”

Wanda, thank you for sharing this lovely story with The Pearl Girls. We are so moved by not only the story but your wonderful way with words too.


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