Rihanna, Pearls and Fashion Week

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Yes, Rihanna was spotted! A little bit of pearls and Fashion Week in NYC.Rihanna Pearls and Fashion Week

What I absolutely love about Rihanna in pearls is that there is nothing even the slightest bit conservative about her. She does not even begin to remind you of your grandmother or Math teacher or a southern belle sipping mint juleps on the porch. And let, me tell you, I love my grandmother, my math teacher and I love porches, southern belles and mint juleps. Check, check, check. But, somewhere along the line, people got the notion that pearls were not for everyone. Some people think they are just for southerns, for the rich, for the conservative, buttoned-up types. Let’s allow Rihanna to crush that myth.


Here are some other outfits Rihanna wore this week:


Thank you Coco Perez! She is eclectic, stylish, edgy and fashionable. Heck, even if you do not appreciate her style, you can appreciate how she is uniquely her own. So, check out what she wore this week to her friend Adam Selman’s NY Fashion Week show:



Adorable! A baby doll dress and pearls!

So, if you ever wonder if pearls are quite your style, think of Rihanna. There is always a place for a gorgeous strand of pearls in your style repertoire!


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