Katy Perry’s Pearl Dream

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A Pearl Dream…Katy Perry lives out our pearl dream in the video for her song, “This is How We Do.” Boasting numerous costume and scene changes, our favorite part of this video is when she bathes in pearls… Yes, this is a definite pearl dream!

Katy Perry's Pearl Dream -The Pearl Girls


In a behind the scene clip of the video shoot, Katy says, “You know you are a real G when you bathe in pearls.” The word G is another way to say gangster! I doubt that I will ever somehow morph from a Southern pearl-loving woman to a gangster but the thought of lounging in her bathtub of pearls sounds like lots of fun! I think I will add this to my list of pearl dreams!

What about you Pearl Girls? Would you bathe in pearls? Tell us about your favorite pearl dream!

And if you want to see Katy Perry’s video.. go here

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