Conch Pearls




Do you know the beautiful color of a conch shell? This magnificent form appears slightly rugged on the outside but inside is the softest and most beautiful pink imaginable. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to have a conch pearl from a magnificent conch shell? You can!

Natural Pink Pearls

These are three natural conch pearls from St. Croix. They were harvested from a conch shell by fishermen. Conch pearls are not cultured pearls. They are all natural pearls, formed within the shell of the conch.

Conchs are sea snails. So, although considered a mollusk, they are not the typical bivalve we think of when we culture pearls. And it is pretty tough pearl to maintain within the mobile body of the conch. harvest a pearl Harvested over twenty years ago, I bought these pearls from a jeweler’s estate collection. The large pearl is a 4.93 carat conch pearl, valued at $650 per carat. The two smaller conch pearls are about a carat and a half each. They are valued at $250 per carat. The entire collection of three pearls are valued at close to $4000. And I am offering the three pearls for just $2750.

Do you prefer to purchase them separately? The larger pearl can be purchased for just $2000 and the two smaller pearls for $750.

These pearls have been authenticated by two separate sources. They are authentic pearls, all natural pearls and untreated. They have a beautiful porcelain like shine to them and are a gorgeous pink color.

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