Pearls for a Plus Sized Woman

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Pearls for a Plus Sized Woman

“I am a plus sized woman. Are the larger 10mm pearls better for me?” Pearls for a plus sized woman, does the size of your peals matter to the size of your body? Great question we had come in from one of our customers. As many of you know, I love mixing pearl sizes. A medium size pearl necklace still looks great with small earrings or large pearl earrings with a petite pearl necklace. They all look great. And the same goes for body types. Large women can wear small pearls and small women can wear big pearls. There is no need to wear peals to match your body type. Pearls are lovely gems and just like the beautiful differences in women’s bodies, pearls come in all different sizes and each are so beautiful.

So, if you are a larger woman looking for pearls, the same goes for small women looking for pearls. What type of jewelry do you like to wear? What jewelry makes you feel most beautiful? What is the most comfortable? Choose jewelry based on your preferred look and feeling, not on your body size!

Pearls for a Plus Sized Woman - The Pearl Girls - pearls are for everyone at any size Pearls for a Plus Sized Woman - the pearl girls- wear the pearls you love 1

Pearls for a Plus Sized Woman - the pearl girls- large pearls on petite women


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