Put Pearls on with Those Blue Jeans

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“Put pearls on with those blue jeans and someone is really going to think you are somebody!”

It is quotes like these that really get me excited. We have tons of women come in offering advice on how to wear pearls or simply a good pearl quote which starts with,“Mamma always said….” or “My grandmother told me…” (I am collecting these quotes and will share them with you soon!) Well, it was the above quote from Smitty’s Chicks that really had me in stitches!

Yes, Smitty’s Chicks made it to come see us. Shonda was working that day and I don’t think she was prepared for such a delightful group!

Here they are:


They came, they saw and they talked pearls! Here are these amazing women. It is my hope that The Pearl Girls always opens its doors for the wonderful women of this world. In fact, just today we welcomed a bride to be, an aunt shopping for her nieces and another women picking up her custom pearl jewelry creation. She was turning one earring into a pendant and she got a pair of earrings to match!

Yep, I am really believing we are somebody around here!


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