Do You Want to Work With Us?

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Do you want to work with The Pearl Girls? Awesome! We are psyched to hear it!

I want you to consider a few things before we chat. First, we get approached pretty often about people wanting to work with us. In fact, I get a message or email daily. I absolutely love it! I know so many of you are passionate about what we do and really want to contribute to our feel-good mission. Some of you are stay at home moms and simply want to take advantage of our on-site childcare. I get that, too!

When I first moved production to the U.S., I had a vision of hiring a bunch a women and giving them tons of perks. I had struggled for years to maintain the work-life balance and I wanted to give women what I didn’t have… balance. But, as a company, we are very methodical about our hiring decisions and we are very mindful of keeping expenses on par with our growth. So, I realized that I couldn’t just wildly hire women without making sure we could handle it. (Not that I haven’t done just that! Truthfully, I tend to be pretty confident in what we have going on here!)

Anyway, let me tell you what I have learned and how things have shifted for me. I THOUGHT I was creating a workforce of women that I could HELP. What I have created, instead, is an incredibly dynamic group of women who are dedicated to growing our company. I do not seem to be helping anyone. In fact, when I need help, the women I am working with seem to help me! The women that work here are full on, all in and completely dedicated to what we are doing. And those that aren’t seem to just fade out, wander off or quit showing up. Which is pretty awesome, actually. Because I ask ALOT of the women that work with us. And I give ALOT too. But you have to be part of it to really stick around.

So, when someone calls up to say that they want to work with us, I encourage them to actually stop by and see what we are about. Come meet us, come take a class, come get to know what we are truly about. Because The Pearl Girls is not about a handout, it is about a group of conscious women contributing to make this company something awesome. And we all then benefit from the flexible work and working hours and all the extra perks.

Sometimes working with us takes perseverance and patience and commitment.

Still interested? Come see us!


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