Pearl Knotting / Pearl Jewelry Repair FAQ

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Here is my so far list of Pearl Repair FAQ… I will add to it as your questions come in!! Ready for your Jewelry Return Pack? Order one today!  

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Q: Can I get my pearls restrung even if I did not originally buy them from you?

A: Of course! We will restring any pearls no matter where you bought them!

Q: What about other beads? Do you restring beads that are not pearls?

A: We do it all the time! Jet, amber, cloisonné beads, pearls mixed with gold beads. We do it all!

Q: What if I need a new clasp?

A: We can easily replace your clasp, too! We keep sterling silver clasps in stock and we can special order a gold clasp.

Q: I think my pearls are fake, do you knot fake pearls.

A: Of course! And please do not apologize about your fake pearls! We are happy to restring all pearls and beads… real or fake! Many of our mothers and grandmothers had imitation pearls but they are so very special and sentimental! We love working with all of your beautiful, heirloom pieces!

Q: What is your turn around time?

A: Two weeks although we usually finish them sooner!

Q: Will you appraise my pearls too?

A: Sorry, we are not jewelry appraisers. We suggest you take your pearls a qualified jewelry appraiser.

Q: Will you buy my pearls?

A: It is our policy not to buy pearls except from our select pearl farms and suppliers.

Q: This length is just too long, can you shorten my pearls?

A: Of course, tell us what length you want and we can make it happen!

Ready? Order a Jewelry Return kit by Clicking HERE!

Or, simply mail your pearls/beads/pin/ring to us at The Pearl Girls, 548 Hawthorne Ave. Athens, GA 30606

Q: Can I really mail my pearls to you? I live so far away!

A: It might sound crazy but people mail pearls to us from all over the world! We can send you a jewelry return kit (which is a body of bubble wrap with a return shipping label!) if you are in the U.S.A. If you are in another country, mail your pearls to us!

Q: What if I want my necklace longer, can you lengthen my pearls?

A: We do it all the time! We just always want to make sure we have matching pearls in stock. If we can match the pearls, we can lengthen any piece.

Q: I have a pearl ring but I lost my pearl! Can you replace it!

A: Yes! We have pearls we save specifically for pearl rings and pearl pins.

Q: I have one pearl stud earring. Can you make it into a necklace?

A: We sure can! We will simply drill your pearl and add it to the chain of your choice! Or, we can add it to our own Pearl Ring! (I did that with a Tahitian pearl of my own!)

Tahitian pearl ring by the pearl girls - How to Reuse that One Stud Earring

Q: I have my mother’s 3 strand pearl necklace to wear at my son’s wedding in July. When trying it on, one of the strands broke. 1) are you able to restring the necklace by mid July, 2) are you able to add pearls to lengthen the strands a bit (the shortest one is tighter than I would like, or 3) are you able to change the 3 strands to 2 and use the extra pearls to lengthen the piece?

A: Our turn around time is 2 weeks at the most! If we have the matching pearls, we can definitely lengthen! If we do not have matching pearls, sometimes we can come up with creative ways to lengthen your pearls. And yes! Three strands to two strands is easy! No problem!

Q: I have an old Pearl necklace from my mother that the clasp is broken…do you sell clasps?

A; We sure do! Check out our clasps HERE. We can also special order a clasp for you!

Q: I have a pearl necklace from my aunt which is broken, but I think I have all the pearls. I would like to learn to restring these myself & was wondering if you will be having any classes at your store in Athens? I make some jewelry, nothing fancy…just for fun, but I would like to learn how to knot the pearls.

A: We LOVE teaching people our craft of knotting pearls! If we do not have a current class listed online, call our shop to get a schedule!

More questions? Call (706-850-5296) or email us (! And remember, I am always adding to the Pearl Jewelry Repair FAQ….

Ready to get started? Let us do your pearl repair! Order your Jewelry Return Kit here!

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