What Is The Value of Your Pearls?

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What is the value of your pearls? Yesterday two friends came into The Pearl Girls shop and they brought their best friends pearls with them. She passed away two years ago and her husband was finally going through her pearls and wanted to figure out how much they were worth. No judgements here! I know going through another person’s special things is hard and trying to decide what has value and what doesn’t is even harder. 

I told these two friends that the value in these pearls was most likely greater than any monetary value he could get from selling them. They immediately relaxed and agreed. One friend confided she had told him the same thing. Pass them on, let them be enjoyed by someone she loved!

value of my pearls- the pearl girls - how valuable are pearls

This really got me thinking about my own pearls. Many of you know the story; My Dad gave me a strand of pearls when I was 8 years old and I wore those pearls to every major event in my life.

I wore those pearls with my favorite dresses to church every Sunday. I wore those pearls the first time I sang in the choir. I wore them when I wanted to look fancy at my middle school dance. I wore my pearls with some very uncomfortable shoes when my grandmother passed away. I wore those pearls when I graduated from high school. I wore them with a suit to my first “real job” interview. I wore them when I was a debutante. I got married in those pearls. What is the value of my pearls?

value of your pearls- the pearl girls - the value of pearls

I now own many classic strands of The Pearl Girls pearls and nowadays I never take off the Cultured Pearl Heart. I probably have more pearls than I ever dreamed of. Does this diminish the value of my first cultured pearl strand? Never. I still cherish that necklace with all the love and memories that go with it. So, when I die, what will my family “get” for my pearl strands? I imagine it will be far less than the value of that pearl necklace. Because sometimes value goes beyond money.

So, when people ask me the value of their pearls I like to mention that I am not an appraiser so I am not qualified to give a certain value to their pearls. Plus, I see the value in pearls as something far greater than a monetary figure. The value is especially high if those pearls have been worn and loved many years. Because that is how I hope we all enjoy our pearls. For many reasons and for many years!




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2 Replies to “What Is The Value of Your Pearls?”

  1. India,
    I have what I believe is a very special piece of pearl history. it seems to be something so intricate & beautiful that there may just be one ever made??
    it is an oyster purse. the oyster shells are the outside of the purse & there have been made very intricate sections w/in the oyster to hold possibly lipstick, etc.
    you really have to see it to believe it. it does show quite a bit of age. the hardware on it is Victorian I believe & just adds to the beauty. I don’t believe I can post pics here but I would like to have an opinion on its value. as much as I love it, I think it needs a home where it can be appreciated more than by just myself.
    you are the only one I know of that I would trust an opinion of it from. can or should I send it to you to ask your opinion of it or how/where should I post pics of it? pls take the time to look at it for me. I know you will appreciate & love it just as I do.
    thank you,
    Vicky Carter

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