The Journey of a Pearl Bracelet

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Here is the tale of the journey of a pearl bracelet. Once there was a lovely man who lived in Georgia. He wanted to repair a pearl bracelet so he sent the bracelet to a jeweler friend in Denver, Colorado. The friend could not repair the bracelet so he sent it back to the man in Georgia. Then luckily, he found The Pearl Girls® jewelry repair service. So, he mailed the bracelet to us!

The after photo:

the journey of a pearl bracelet - the pearl girls

We shortened the bracelet and made it a double strand for this dear man to give his new wife. A wife, I might add, that the entire family is thrilled to welcome.

The amazing thing about this bracelet is that it belonged to this man’s mother and she was a holocaust survivor. So the journey of these pearls and their significance to one woman and her family is truly remarkable.

Thank you for trusting us with these precious pearls.



What is the value of your pearls?

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