Oh, Canada

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Hi friends!

I have just returned from Christmas and New Year’s with my husband’s family in Canada and I have decided that Canadians have the right idea! Their big day of shopping is the day after Christmas, not the day after Thanksgiving. This gives shoppers a chance to return things that are the wrong size, cash in gift card or otherwise shop for things they truly want but maybe didn’t receive for Christmas. So, using Canada as an example, I encourage you to shop for the jewelry you did not receive for the holidays! And, if you merely spent Christmas giving to others, why don’t you give a little to yourself?! SHOP NOW!

Canada_flag_The Pearl Girls

In other very personal family news, my boys were so excited to see snow and I had even “promised” them snow in Canada on Christmas. So, when they woke up Christmas morning instead of rushing out to see presents, they rushed to the door to see snow! And there was none! The entire time we were there it didn’t snow. As a person who refuses to drive in snow, I was thrilled! But, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, right?! Those poor boys were bummed!

So, to remedy the situation I took them skiing two days after Christmas. And that, my friends, was a disaster! Those 3 and 4 year old Georgia boys have a lot of work to get their “snow legs”!

Great things are ahead in 2015! I cannot thank you enough for your support last year and this coming year. We all thank you!


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