Without Fear of the Future

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Laughing without fear of the future? Do I dare strive to be so confident?

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you know about our move. And you probably understand what a risk I am taking by buying a new building so The Pearl Girls can expand and start offering onsite childcare. It is pretty exciting! And scary! And exciting! Pretty much everything at once! Am I without fear of the future.. of course not! I want to be confident about this and I AM confident yet the fear does rear its ugly head every once in a while and I have to remind myself that everything is okay!

548-Hawthorne-Side-The New home of The Pearl Girls before repairs


I officially purchased the building at 548 Hawthorne Ave yesterday and today the planning begins… What do we HAVE to do, what do we WANT to do and how much money do we have to do any of it! And many of the wonderful women on staff are wondering… “what can I paint?” Have I mentioned that I love the ladies I work with?!

So, by the way, if I seem incredible hard to get in touch with in the coming weeks know that I am knee deep in repairs!

And thank you, each one of you for kind words of support. They mean the world to me. Somehow this wonderful dream I have is going to continue to grow and flourish and I am excited to see it unfold.

she laughs without fear of the future

One exciting moment I experienced was when one of our friends messaged us with this wonderful picture and quote. Thank you, thank you each and every one of you for your loving support. We seem to have not only there greatest staff but the most amazing friends and customers too. I am one lucky Pearl Girl!



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