Dive Deep

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Ever since my trip to Japan in 2013 I have been inspired (and haunted) by the story of a young Japanese girl, her family and pearls. I have slowly been writing this story down to simply get her and her family out of my head. I have also been slowly looking for women who can help me craft this story into the beautiful, flowing story I want it to be. Unfortunately, I have not had any luck. Every woman I discuss this project with seems to love it but, at the same time, they are unable to commit to it. It has been a bummer, for sure! But now I realize this is my story to tell and 2015 is my year to tell it.

Dive Deep – A quilt by Sarah Hubbard © Sarah Hubbard

So, this is my year to dive deep into this story and bring it to life. I look forward to sharing this story with you soon!



UPDATE: March, 2015, I have reached out to writing coach Sabrina Orah Mark to help advise me on my work. I am so excited!!

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