I Need a Loving Gift!

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A loving gift… what a concept, right? In our super-fast, busy world don’t we hope that the gifts we give (and receive!) are loving ones? So, when a new friend called us up in need of a loving gift, we jumped to help her create something special.

The occasion? Her mother’s 72nd birthday. Now, I don’t know about you but I know my mamma’s 70th birthday is just around the corner and I cannot think of a single thing she NEEDS. But, she always appreciates a cherished gift. Our customer’s idea was to create something similar to our Count Your Blessings necklace. She wanted to create a necklace featuring different colored pearls to represent her two sons, one daughter and three nieces. A grand total of six grandchildren for her mother and a total of six pearls on her necklace. Together Abby and I pulled our different pearls of different colors and sizes.

I Need a Loving Gift - Custom Pearl Necklace- The Pearl Girls

We plotted and planned how to place six pearls of different colors in a uniform pattern. And here is what we came up with…

I Need a Loving Gift - Custom Pearl Necklace with Black Pearls- The Pearl Girls


We just texted a photo to our friend and guess what we got? A three exclamation response:

“LOVE!!! Far better than anything I expected! It will be stunning on my mother. Thank you so much!”

I wrote her back to say “thank you” and to tell her how happy we are that she is happy. And her response?

“No! Thank you and your team! Fabulous!”

I really love this job!


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2 Replies to “I Need a Loving Gift!”

  1. I have lived in many states throughout my life, including yours & I still claim your state home each year when I go home to visit all my family in & around Atlanta!! I am very proud to say that my niece, Christine, is one of the great graduates from The University of Georgia which is in your lovely city of Athens!! And, I have been looking for unique gifts for different holidays to give to all my family &I since I am born in June, I am giving the pearls to my granddaughters & others in my family!

    1. Here, here! Thanks for the wonderful message! Athens is a great city and what a lovely state, too! You know, I am married to a Canadian man and I celebrate each Spring with joy knowing Spring comes so late in so many places! Springtime in Canada is just too cold for me! Just today I am wearing a skirt on this lovely blue sky day in Georgia! Thanks for finding us and supporting the work we do! I appreciate you so much!! Best, India

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