Something Old is New Again

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Everyone knows a bride needs something old, what about something old that is new again? 

Something Old is New Again - bride in a pearl necklace - the pearl girls


Today we were thrilled to get this message, “I have a strand of my grandmother’s pearls that I’d like to give to my daughter-in-law for her wedding on 9/18.” What a lovely gift for a wedding day. The man contacted us because as we know, pearls do age. Fortunately, it is possible to give a new life to aging pearls.

Over time, the pearls have gotten dirty. The silk thread that pearls are knotted on can attract dirt and oils from our skin. The thread stretches out and the pearls can hang loosely on the thread. The pearls have yellowed. And, according to the man who emailed us, the clasp no longer holds. Grandmother’s pearls need be cleaned, possibly restrung and they need a new clasp. You know what I say? No problem! We can take something old and make it new again!

Now I am not sure if she will wear these gems on her wedding day or not, but she will have this treasured gift to wear throughout her marriage and her life. And weddings are a wonderful time to take grandmother’s pearls and make something new out of them. Maybe your grandmother’s pearls are too long? We can shorted them! Maybe you do not like necklaces? We can make a bracelet! Broken clasp? We can easily fix it! Take these pears that are so full of love and memories and prepare them for your own life and memories.

Something Old is New Again - Brides in Pearls - The Pearl Girls

We believe something old can be new again with our reknot and repair service.

How does it work? Well, we try to make it as easy as possible! Order a jewelry return kit. What is that? Well, an empty box. We will send you this box with bubble wrap and some info to fill out about your pearls! We will also include a return mailing label. Simply put your pearls in the box, tape it up and put your return label on and ship it to us. Why? Well, two reasons. First we want to make things as easy as possible for you. Second, this is an easy way to track your package to us. We want to follow your pearls from you to us. When your pearls arrive, we keep them locked up before and after we work on them. And we track them as we return them back to you. We want your pearls to be safe and we want the process to be easy. And, the pearls? Well, you will be amazed what it looks like when your something old is new again.

Thanks for trusting us with your pearls! Order a jewelry return kit now!

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