What Do You Do With 8 feet of Pearls?

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So, you have 8 feet of pearls? What are you going to do with them? 

8 feet of unworn and unloved pearls becomes something amazing - the pearl girls

Our story starts many years ago when a man lovingly gave his his wife an extraordinarily long necklace of beautiful, oval shaped pearls. I love these long strands because they can be worn long or wrapped into various layers and lengths around your neck. However, I know this look is not for everyone! And, unfortunately, this necklace just wasn’t perfect for this one woman. So, the pearls sat in her jewelry box.

Fast forward many years later and she decided to gift these pearls to her own daughter who, again, just did not know what to do with so many pearls! So, she came in and we decided to take those pearls and make them into three beautiful necklace and earrings for she and her daughters. Suddenly having 8 feet of pearls was a fabulous idea!

She decided to create a double strand necklace for herself and single strand necklaces for her two daughters. Finished off with a gorgeous filigree clasp and voila, suddenly we have pearl jewelry that is oh, so wearable!

8 feet of pearls becomes 3 pearl necklaces - the pearl girls

8 feet of pearls become pearls for the girls- the pearl girls


We also made matching dangle earrings but I forgot to take a photo of those!

We are so thrilled that we helped make thesepearlw wearable again!



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