Georgia Foster Care

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It is such an honor to prepare next month’s fundraiser. So many of us come from such strong homes and families that it is hard to conceive of a life very different from our own. I know that as blessed as I am to have two healthy, capable children, they are just as fortunate to live in a safe and supportive home. Throughout Georgia there are many safe places for children in foster care and these homes and families offer a nurturing environment for children who would otherwise have no where else to live and thrive.

The Pearl Girls are honored to worked with the Foster Care Support Foundation which supports foster families in Georgia by offering them both goods and services. This includes clothing, infant care essentials, developmental toys, prom dresses along with programs and scholarships. By making expenses easier on foster care families, this encourages more families to reach out and accept this responsibility. This is a wonderful and worthwhile support network whom we hope to raise lots of funds for. In fact, this organizations exists and runs solely on the support of individual and corporate donors.

To contribute to the Foster Care Support Foundation, simply make a purchase from The Pearl Girls in the month of February. At checkout, say yes to Would you like a portion of your purchase to be donated to the Foster Care Support Foundation. By simply checking that box, 25% of your purchase will be donated on your behalf.

Thanks so much for helping to support this worthwhile cause!

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