Do Good Girls Wear Pearls?

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I am always fascinated with the imagery of pearls and with people’s beliefs about them. So, I wonder, do good girls wear pearls? Are these a gem limited to women we consider to be “good”, “proper”, “buttoned up” or more?

Let me start by admitting I hate the term “good girl.” I am not sure what that means exactly except that we should box up women in some sort of category and stick them on a shelf. But, I am using it here as I muse about who people think wear pearls. I admit I turn to pearls to dress up my casual Saturday morning trip to the grocery store. I also adorn myself in pearls when I go to a powerful meeting, a networking event or a night on the town with girlfriends. I love the different styles of pearls. Can they transform us from bad women to good women? Well, it didn’t work for Mama Fratelli:


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I have a wonderful friend here in Athens who laughs when people comment that she, “seems so put together.” She is a busy working mamma balancing a family, a career and a messy house. She doesn’t think of herself as put together but when people say it, she whispers to me, “it’s the pearls!”

brittany-purcell “Did you hear that? It’s the pearls talking!”

I like to think that anyone can wear pearls.. no matter what your style, your mood, or what you are getting yourself into that day. I mean, look at Mandy, she wore her pearls the day she caught an alligator!

Where are your pearls taking you today?


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