The Goonies Pearls

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As a child of the 80s, I also love the Goonies. And as an adult, I am loving the Goonies pearls! Plus, I cannot tell you how many times I have said, “Let’s go on a Goonie adventure.” So, why do I write about these Goonies pearls? Because of this woman!


That’s right, Mama Fratelli, the head of the Fratelli crime operation was one “bad” character and she was rarely seen without her pearls. (A quick note about Mama Fratelli… she was played by Anne Ramsey who died on this day, August 11, back in 1988. Pretty sad given that the movie had only come out in 1985.) Anyway, I love that Mama Fratelli wears black and pearls. What a character.

Another good one in the world of Goonies pearls? The Pearls in Mouth’s mouth!

Mouth, played by Corey Feldman hid some treasure in his very large mouth. Mama Fratelli questions Mouth about being so quiet. “You’re so quiet all of a sudden. You’re the one they call “Mouth” aren’t you?” she asked. Mouth replied, mumbling, “Mmm mm!”
Mama Fratelli then proceeds to pull a very long pearl necklace out of Mouth’s mouth, “Oh my god! OH MY GOD! Is that all?” No, it wasn’t! Mouth even had a few other gems hidden in there!

See a GIF in our pin here on Pinterest.

The goonies and their wonderful pearl treasures… I wonder if the remake/sequel will spotlight pearls too! Either way, I am so excited they are promising to give us more Goonies. 30 years later, it is time for another Goonie adventure!


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