Inspiring Women

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You are enough. I am enough. These are some of the wonderful things I have been learning these days. I have also been learning more about my love for pearls and abundance. One of our Facebook fans said it best, “The world is your oyster, why not fill it with pearls?” The World is Your Oyster by The Pearl Girls I believe we all deserve the beauty of genuine pearls. We all deserve the wonderful richness of life and women deserve the chance to work and made money AND spend time with their babies and loved ones. This is what i believe and I have the audacity to build my business on this premise. We can have all of the richness and wonders of life! And we are all worth it!


For years marketing experts have been telling me I need to set myself apart as a high-priced brand. But, it just doesn’t feel right. One of the reasons I started my business is that I found gorgeous pearls for great prices and I wanted to share these pearls with other women. I do not want to be someone so far out there that everyone cannot enjoy some of the richness of The Pearl Girls. Because, the truth is, there are some gorgeous pearls in this world and I find beauty in so many types of pearls at so many different price ranges.

I just vow to offer the best pearls at the best price. Yes, you can find cheaper pearls in other places (I can’t help it, I have to retain some sort of standard! No inferior pearls here!) and you can find more expensive pearls other places. As much as I would like to offer $10,000 and up pearl necklaces, the truth is, I am a small business! I cannot make a $10,000 investment on one strand of pearls! Maybe one day… Kenneth-Hayes-Miller-shoppers-in-the-rain-in-pearls Inspiring women is a project launching next month by Athens Magazine and Athens Banner-Herald. They are highlighting some of Athens Inspiring Women and I am so honored that I was one of the women selected. The truth is, this town is so full of amazing, inspiring women! I am inspired daily by the women I work with, the mothers at my son’s school, the women who help me carry groceries to my car. I think there are angels of inspiration everywhere I turn…Inspiring-women This is a pretty amazing and inspiring life we are all living.

Thank you, dear Pearl Girls for inspiring me! And thank you for your support! At our Pearl Circle yesterday we were talking about the day we will have 100 men and women coming to work and make jewelry. It will take that and many more orders to create the number of jobs we hope to offer to our community. Thank you. And if you want to see a preview of the Athens Inspiring women, check out this video! That is me at 1:10.

Love to you all! India

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