Our Akoya oyster is all grown up!

Watch the growth of an akoya oyster from 1 day old to 2 years old! This little oyster is all grown up!!! (although still pretty small!) ***I filmed this in Japan!*** Best, India

Pearls in Uruguay

A Conversation with the Girl Scouts What an awesome time I had learning about pearls in Uruguay! It all started with a request to teach a local Girl Scout Troop about pearls. These local middle school girls have been learning about women in business AND they have been learning about value. How do you value …

Mexican Pearl Farm

Have You Ever Heard of a Mexican Pearl Farm? Recently, the JCK website featuredĀ a blog post with some (possibly?) unknown facts about pearls. There was not much surprising info in the post however I was surprised that the author decided to mention Cortez pearls. Since I was only a few weeks out from my trip, …

How Las Vegas Destroyed Pearls

Las Vegas destroyed pearls in Mexico. Hard to imagine isn’t it? Most people blame Las vegas for ruining dreams, promoting alcoholism, supporting hedonism, etc. I think Las Vegas can be tons of fun. And I love to roll some dice! However, there is one thing I just do not support, how Las Vegas destroyed pearls!