Ahe Travel Log #1 – Snails

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So recently, we were on an atoll (a donut shaped island) in French Polynesia. The calm lagoon on one side of the land and, on the other, the rocky and turbulent ocean. One day we took the boat to a place further down the atoll and rode a jeep along the shore to the ocean. There, we plucked sea snails from the rocky ocean floor. Then, guess what happened? Later that evening, we ate them for dinner! That’s right, our host and hostess cooked these delicious sea snails up for us.

Now, normally I am skeptical of eating food I have just plucked from a rock (complete with its own squishy sucking sound!). And, truly, this situation was no different. In fact, when a plate of – count them – 7 snails was placed in front of me, I wanted to run and hide. But, I am a classy southern woman who eats what she is served. Right? Well, one bite later and and this classy gal would have fought anyone who had tried to remove that plate from me! These snails were so delicious!

In conclusion, you’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” right? Well, that applies to food too! Don’t refuse it before you’ve tried it!

Kudos to the fisher-women!!

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